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Reusable Fabric Signage Solution REXframe By R A Smart

Revolutionary reusable fabric signage that’s incredibly versatile, reusable and best of all environmentally friendly.

Reusable Fabric Tension System

Revolutionary reusable fabric signage that’s incredibly versatile, reusable and environmentally friendly. Just 5 points what you should consider the REXframe reusable fabric tension system.

EASY – REXframe utilises reusable textile prints and sturdy aluminium frames to create signs that are easy to assemble and will transform the look of any space.

VERSATILE – The frames are available in range of profiles or can be customised or curved for maximum effect.

BRIGHT – They are assembled using a simple connector system and can be teamed with high-powered LED lighting for bright, even illumination.

PERFECT FIT – The fabric prints have a rubber lip that is easily inserted into the frame. The elasticity of the fabric ensures a perfect fit, whilst the density or luminosity of the fabric achieves the look you’re aiming for.

CLEVER – REXframe creates a truly eye-catching feature and is the perfect signage solution for retail, events, exhibition, TV, film and stage

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REXframe Reusable System

REXframe specialises in the use of aluminium framing, which can generate offcut materials. This excess material is recycled through the use of aluminium-specific bins located around the facility. Once filled these bins are transported to a recycling factory where they are melted down and repurposed.

This process allows our material to fall into a closed loop, where it is returned to its original form to be used again.

Flexible Reusable Signage System

The frame is made from lightweight yet sturdy aluminium, assembled using a simple connector system. It can be custom designed or shaped to fit any space. It can be wall mounted, freestanding, suspended, retro-fitted or used to build an entire structure. It can be single sided, double sided or cubed; teamed with LED lighting, backlit or spotlit. It can securely support LED TVs or iPads.

Our reusable fabric signage system is as easy to assemble time and time again!

Cutting Edge Reusable Signage Fabric Technology

Generate unique designs for a range of interiors including offices, boardrooms, waiting areas and hotel lobbies with our unique reusable fabric signage technology.

The artwork is printed on stretch fabric selected from our unique range of purpose-made fabrics that allow you to achieve any look in any space, seamlessly up to 10’ high x any length. The silicone gasket fitted to the fabric border ensures an easy to insert, taut finish.

Using REXframe Reusable Fabric Signage technology could not be easier to transform the look & feel of any interior or showroom space quickly and efficiently.