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Jacquard Weaving Company Services By R A Smart

We are a UK Jacquard Weaving Company, dedicated to keeping the ancient art of Jacquard weaving alive in Britain.

Jacquard Weave is still alive at R A Smart

The ancient art of Jacquard Weave is alive and growing at R A Smart, we are committed to the promotion and development of this unique method of manufacturing within the UK.

Our jacquard weaving company services based in Macclesfield, the home of silk production in the UK, we have modern high speed dedicated looms capable of producing the most intricate of Jacquard Woven designs.

We pride ourselves on having the right in-house expertise to deliver a client’s woven textile vision. Our skilled weaving engineers have years of knowledge and expertise of colour, design and woven construction to create accurate historic reproductions and innovative contemporary textile designs to deliver a British Made Jacquard Woven product.

Jacquard Weaving

British Weaving Company

Jacquard Woven silk for men’s ties sees as much as 80% of our work exported to markets such as Europe, China, Japan and the US, representing a major success for British weaving manufacturing and once again our jacquard weaving company services helps to place the silk town of Macclesfield firmly on the world map of silk production.

Weaving Manufacturing Production

We have 4 modern high speed dedicated jacquard looms capable of producing in excess of 10-30 metres of fabric per hour.

The production is enhanced and complemented by the installation of the latest LUWA air conditioning and dust extraction system, which not only has a direct impact on quality but also has the advantage of significantly improving the working environment.

From one-offs to volume production, we can cater for almost every requirement in-house. With over 40+ years of Jacquard Weaving experience and an unrivalled understanding of the textile market, our manufacturing facility is geared to your needs to ensure you receive your material on time and to the highest quality. Whatever your requirements; we’re here to help you make it in the UK.

Years of Jacquard Weaving experience
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Capacity of weaving over two hundred thousand meters of fabric each year

Fabric Weaving

Our weaving looms are maintained regularly to ensure R A Smart delivers high-quality weaving fabrics.

R A Smart Jacquard Weaving Company can produce various woven fabric combinations of silk, cotton, linen, and wool as well as other natural and man-made fibres.

Our British Weave Facility

The production floor for our Weave facility was opened by Sir Nicholas Winterton DL MP and Councillor Norman Edwards and was recently extended, incorporating additional looms and increasing our capacity even further.

Here in Macclesfield, the home of silk production in the UK, we have 4 modern high speed dedicated jacquard looms capable of producing the most intricate of designs.