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High production (4,5 mt/min – 5 yd/min) rotary printer machine for transfer printing

PREPARATION FOR PRODUCTION : The three air shafts enable the operator to take and position the transfer paper, the material to be printed and, where necessary, the protective paper.

Oil-heated cylinder with a proportional working thermostat

Belt speed 4,5 mt/min / 5 yd/min

Safety bar & reversing control

Cylinder diameter 100 cm / 24”

Brushless Motors

Ultra light air shafts for unwinds and rewinds 

Adjustable speed control

Optional loading table


Belt Width:

GFO 1067 168cm
GFO 1076 198cm
GFO 10104 268cm
GFO 10126 335cm

Drum Diameter:

100 cm / 24”

Power Supply:



Optional Loading Table

Production Speed::

4.5 Meters per / min at 40 Second Dwell Time


1 year

Dimensions / Weight:

GFO 1067 210/300/237 cm - 4200kg
GFO 1076: 210/320/237 cm - 4500kg
GFO 10104: 210/380/237 cm - 5600kg
GFO 10126: 210/470/237 cm - 6000kg


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Service & Support

At RA Smart, we provide industry-leading levels of support and service for our textile printing customers. As authorised resellers for key wide format printer brands; our team of highly experienced technicians is available to install, train and service your machine using genuine parts, consumables and software.