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Because Of Its Perfection Monna Lisa Has Become The Icon Of All Paintings. The Printer Is No Different.

To the original version of Monna Lisa® with printing width 160 cm. presented in 2003 at Villa Erba on Lake Como, were subsequently added the models with printing width 180 and 320 cm., so as to fully cover fabric printing production requirements. The innovative technical solutions adopted during the design phase have made it possible to achieve extreme versatility of all the essential printer component parts. For this reason, among the versions with printing width 160 and 180 cm. there are no major differences, excepting, obviously, the different printing width.

The Monna Lisa® version with printing width 320 cm. has, on the other hand, a completely different mechanical structure as regards the printing group compared to smaller models. This is due to the need to ensure high precision on large fabrics as well. The Monna Lisa® printers can be loaded with 4 colours (double 4-colour), or with 8 basic GENESTA® colours to be selected from among the following types: acid, reactive, disperse or pigments (the technical characteristics of which are described in the dedicated section). All the Monna Lisa® versions use the same printing program, both as regards the user interface and the connection between the various fabric CAD systems available on the market. This not only makes it easier for operators to use the different Monna Lisa® models within the same print company, but also greatly favours relations between the company and its customers and any cooperation with print companies or other textile structures involved in digital printing


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Service & Support

At RA Smart, we provide industry-leading levels of support and service for our textile printing customers. As authorised resellers for key wide format printer brands; our team of highly experienced technicians is available to install, train and service your machine using genuine parts, consumables and software.